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6 Tips to Help You Generate and Utilize UGC on Instagram by BoomHaus Staff

No matter how small or new your brand, there are people out there talking about you, and you want to engage with these loyal, happy customers in order to keep them coming back, while also showing other prospects that you have a solid fan base behind you.

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Instagram Provides Key Tips to Help Marketers Maximize their On-Platform Efforts by BoomHaus Staff

With Instagram's influence on the rise, and more people tuning into the latest trends and happenings through the app, logically, more brands are looking to build an Instagram presence, and market their products and services via Instagram Stories, posts and videos.

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Pinterest Launches 'Pinterest Academy' Education Resource for Marketers by BoomHaus Staff

Now with over 300 million users, and growing, Pinterest has become a bigger consideration for many businesses looking to maximize their social presence, and reach engaged shoppers online.

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